Four Weight Loss Champions Win $10,000 And a Trip to a Nutrisystem Photo Shoot

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nutrisystem (NASDAQ: NTRI), a leading provider of weight management products and services, today announced the winners of the $40,000 NutriStar Giveaway. The four weight loss champions collectively lost nearly 500 pounds and were awarded $10,000 each plus a trip to a Nutrisystem photo shoot in sunny Tampa, Florida. Their complete stories can be found at Nutrisystem’s The Leaf.

Four winners of the NutriStar $40,000 Giveaway – (from left to right) Ron Barker, Teresa Bleifus, EmilyBeth Dickinson and Doug Anderson – were each awarded $10,000 plus a trip to a Nutrisystem photo shoot in Tampa, Florida.

“We are so proud of everyone who entered the $40,000 NutriStar Giveaway,” said Keira Krausz, CMO of Nutrisystem. “It was difficult for us to select just four winners. Losing weight is a journey and all of our customers, including those who entered this giveaway, show continuous determination and persistence toward reaching their goals. We look forward to sharing many of their inspirational stories.”

Ten finalists before and after photos, along with their weight loss stories, were selected by a panel of judges and placed on the Nutrisystem Facebook page for voting. The four winners (two male and two female) were selected from the total points received from social media voting and the Nutrisystem panel of judges. The following four winners were selected:

Doug Anderson – Bozeman, Montana
Doug lost 139 pounds.

Being overweight affected nearly everything in Doug’s life. He was unhappy and did not like being around others because he was disappointed with himself. After making a large change to his education studies, Doug was ready for another change and chose Nutrisystem.

“Nutrisystem has had a giant impact on my life. I move better and have more energy,” said Doug. “It has really changed my outlook. I am so much happier than I was before. Thanks to Nutrisystem, I have finally made a good habit out of my diet and it is paying dividends!”

Ron Barker – Gilroy, California
Ron lost 80 pounds.

Ron was at a turning point in his life when he decided to try Nutrisystem. He lost 30 pounds in the first two months and everyone could instantly see the difference in him – both physically and mentally. He knew he finally found a plan that was working for him.

“I made the decision to give Nutrisystem a try. It was the best thing I ever did,” said Ron. “I love the food and it takes the guesswork out of meal prep for this busy dad on the go.”

Teresa Bleifus – Wildomar, California
Teresa lost 140 pounds.

Teresa’s turning point came when her son wanted to ride a rollercoaster and, because of her size, she didn’t fit. She was horrified. That’s when her son turned to her and said, ‘Mommy, I don’t care about the rollercoaster. I just want you happy and healthy enough to be with me all my life.’ She knew in that moment that she needed to make a change.

Now having lost 140 pounds, Teresa said she plans to keep her journey going.

“My journey is not over yet, nor will it ever be. Nutrisystem is my support and my plan for life. This time is the last time I will ever have to lose those same pounds again!”

EmilyBeth Dickinson – Montgomery, Alabama
Emily lost 135 pounds.

With her sister’s wedding on the horizon, EmilyBeth knew she wanted to make a positive change. Together, EmilyBeth and her mother tried Nutrisystem and began quickly seeing success. By her sister’s wedding, EmilyBeth had dropped 60 pounds, but was determined to keep going.

Now 135 pounds lighter, EmilyBeth said, “I feel like a new person! I am healthier. I can shop at most clothing stores―and enjoy doing so. I truly have had a life-changing experience with Nutrisystem.”

Individuals on the Nutrisystem® program can expect to lose 5 pounds in their first week, for an average of 1-2 pounds per week. EmilyBeth Dickinson did not use Fast 5.

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