High Protein Plan Helps Men Lose Weight to Boost Energy and Support Muscle Mass

PHILADELPHIAMarch 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As men age, testosterone levels and muscle mass naturally decline. Weight loss may help support testosterone levels, while a high protein weight loss plan is essential to help preserve muscle mass.  Nutrisystem®, a division of Wellful, Inc. and a leading provider of health and wellness and weight loss solutions, has introduced Max Vitality, a high protein plan designed specifically for men ages 50+ to help them lose weight, support muscle mass and boost energy. The comprehensive weight loss plan is Nutrisystem’s highest protein plan providing an average of 145 grams per day, spread out across the day, to deliver an average of about 25g of protein per meal.

“As men age, energy levels decrease and gaining weight can happen year after year,” said Stephen Mikulak, President of Nutrisystem. “Max Vitality is one of the only weight loss programs on the market for older men. Not only does it help men with their changing weight loss needs as they age, but it is also high in protein to support muscle mass.”

The all-new Max Vitality is personalized based on a man’s age, body composition and activity levels and aims to help support lean muscle by spreading protein out throughout the day, delivering an optimal amount at all three meals.  As part of the plan, customers have access to Nutrisystem’s Hearty Inspirations meals, which are packed with up to 30g of protein and full of flavor helping to control hunger and keep you full for up to five hours.*

The plan also includes Nutrisystem for Men FUEL™ protein shakes, which provide 20g of high-quality protein, with a clinically validated ingredient, Velositol® to double (2x) the power of protein after a single serving**. This means that the shake delivers more protein benefits with fewer calories. The shake also supports lean muscle mass, contains no added sugar or artificial sweeteners and offers 6g prebiotic fiber to support gut health.

Customers can choose to add a men’s multivitamin, formulated by Nugenix®, to their plan. The Nugenix® multivitamin, which helps support men’s vitality, balances cortisol levels and supports blood flow, delivers 22 vitamins and minerals, 19 of which are high-potency that meet or exceed 100% Daily Value, including 4 bioactive forms of B vitamins.

All Nutrisystem Max Vitality customers have access to NuMi® at no cost, one of the only apps customized to their specific plan. NuMi includes a social community, one-touch tracking of Nutrisystem and non-Nutrisystem foods; smart reminders to track meals and workouts and to drink water; and daily articles, tips and recipes.

For more information on Nutrisystem, visit nutrisystem.com/diet-plans/maxvitality

*In study, average was 3.4 hours for fullness and 3.9 hours for hunger.

**Along with diet and exercise, clinical research shows Velositol® + whey protein doubles the impact of protein on muscle protein synthesis versus whey protein alone.

About Nutrisystem®
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SOURCE Nutrisystem, Inc.