FORT WASHINGTON, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nutrisystem (NASDAQ: NTRI) a leading provider of weight management products and services, announced today its all-new, clinically tested Turbo10 program, a structured weight loss program designed to help individuals lose up to 10 pounds and five inches overall in their first month of dieting, along with a slate of innovative, nutritionally sound products.

Innovation at Forefront of Nutrisystem for 2016

“It’s an important time of year for people looking to take the first step to a better, healthier life and we’ve never been better positioned to help Americans with what they turn to us for most — weight loss results. We never lose sight of that. We’re in the business of transforming lives starting with helping as many people as we can fast-track their weight loss goals one day at a time, one pound at a time,” said Dawn Zier, President and CEO of Nutrisystem. “Product innovation that delivers a clear and healthy path to weight loss is front and center in all we do. This year, we’re debuting our simplest, healthiest and most effective program to date.”

All-new Turbo10 Program, Featuring New Line of Probiotic Shakes

The lead product launch is the all-new Turbo10, a clinically tested program that delivers up to a 10-pound weight loss and an overall reduction of five inches from the waist, hips, thighs, chest, and arms in just the first month. The Turbo10 program includes Turboshakes™, the Company’s first ever line of shakes with probiotics to support digestive and immune health and help reduce belly bloat. Packed with protein and containing the clinically tested GanedenBC30® probiotic, this Nutrisystem® shake line makes its debut in the structured meal delivery space.

All plans include unlimited comprehensive counseling options from trained weight loss coaches, registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators, at no extra cost and available as needed, seven days a week from 7am-midnight E.T.

Keira Krausz, Nutrisystem CMO, added, “The new Turbo10 is simple to follow — no counting, no points, no figuring out the right mix of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, sugar, and saturated fat. We do that all for you and teach you as we go.”

Clinically Tested Turbo10 Shows 3x Results

In a clinical study sponsored by Nutrisystem, those who followed Turbo10 lost 3x more weight, 3x more total body inches and 3x more body fat in the first month compared to those who followed a do-it-yourself (DIY) weight loss plan. In addition, as a benefit to losing weight, those on Turbo 10 also significantly reduced their systolic blood pressure after the first month.

“With Turbo10, we have a program that delivers customers the visible results they want in just their first month of dieting. Our clinical research shows we deliver significant weight loss results in as little as one month and we’re pleased as studies have shown that early weight loss is a predictor of long-term success,” said Nutrisystem Corporate Dietitian Courtney McCormick, MPH, RDN, LDN.

50% of Nutrisystem® Foods Are New or Reformulated and Even Better for You

This diet season, more than 50% of Nutrisystem® menu items are new or reformulated to be even better — and contain no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Whole grains were also increased in a large number of our foods to aim to have at least 50% of the grains coming from whole grain sources. All Nutrisystem® plans continue to meet the USDA guidelines for fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, and protein.

Nutrisystem® Uniquely Yours Is the Ultimate in Flexibility and Customization

In keeping with customer demand for more fresh-frozen selections, Uniquely Yours allows for ultimate flexibility in food choices, allowing consumers to choose between grab-and-go and fresh frozen menu options, with no restrictions, from more than 150 menu items.

Customers add in fresh ingredients daily including 1 to 2 SmartCarbs and 3 PowerFuels. SmartCarbs are carbohydrates that are high in fiber, helping them to measure lower on the Glycemic Index and keep the customer feeling full. SmartCarbs include foods like whole grains and fruits. PowerFuels are lean proteins and healthy fats, like lean meats, low-fat dairy, and nuts. Unlimited non-starchy vegetables may be added with a goal of at least four servings per day. Vegetables add fiber to the diet, as well as many important vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

Nutrisystem® meals and snacks, plus the fresh grocery additions, deliver a nutritionally balanced meal that aligns with government dietary recommendations. All plans can be customized to specific dietary needs and preferences including the Nutrisystem® D® program for people living with Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Updated NuMi® by Nutrisystem App for Diet Season 2016

Since April of 2014, NuMi by Nutrisystem has provided an easy-to-use, interactive and personalized solution to the nutritional and emotional components of a weight loss journey, giving users the help they need, when and where they need it most. The NuMi app is available to Nutrisystem customers as well as the general population of do-it-yourself dieters for free.

Key features include dining out recommendations, recipes, activity suggestions and burned calories tracking, a daily progress tracker, and Moments – a proprietary logging of victories, wobbles, and slip-ups to stay on the weight loss track.

For Nutrisystem customers, the NuMi app is a seamless companion complete with a barcode scanner for easy tracking, a newsfeed offering daily tips, inspiration and videos from The Leaf plus thousands of recipes and restaurant recommendations that fit into the Nutrisystem plan. The app syncs with Fitbit®, Apple Health®, Jawbone® and more and is available for download at the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

“We know dieters want easy-to-use solutions that provide the guidance they need no matter where they are. That’s exactly what NuMi does,” said Krausz. “It fits perfectly with our Nutrisystem plans, but also offers a solution for those who want to diet on their own.”

Brand-new, Fresh, Contemporary Packaging

For Diet Season 2016, the Company is unveiling new product packaging that is more contemporary and health-oriented with easy-to-understand nutritional labels calling out calories, fats, fiber, and protein. The new packaging can be seen at

Nutrisystem Expands into New Heart Healthy Segment with DASH Diet

Nutrisystem, well known for its diabetic program, is expanding its health segment offerings to include a DASH diet compliant plan. The DASH diet has ranked as the #1 Overall Diet by US News & World Report for five years in a row and is recommended by the USDA, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the American Heart Association (AHA).

In the clinical study, the Nutrisystem DASH plan was compared to a do-it-yourself (DIY) DASH group following the NIH DASH reduced calorie meal plan. Results showed the Nutrisystem DASH group lost 3x more weight in the first month than those in the DIY DASH group.

“We appreciate an informed consumer and went the extra mile to configure a plan that actually exceeds the results of one of the most widely recommended diets,” emphasized Zier. “Nutrisystem is all about results and we continuously challenge ourselves to make sure we’re a true leader in weight loss efficacy. It’s a claim we take seriously because we know it matters to our consumers who are counting on us for results.”

New Advertising

The Nutrisystem 2016 Diet Season campaign will be marked by several integrated marketing and advertising campaigns involving television, digital, print, radio, and social channels with an emphasis on direct-to-consumer marketing. Last year, Zier was named Target Marketing Direct Marketer of the Year. A sneak peek of one of several Nutrisystem 2016 Diet Season advertising campaign creative treatments can be seen at

As a leader in the weight loss space, Nutrisystem will continue its dialogue around the role of positive reinforcement in fostering healthy change. In the second half of 2015, Nutrisystem launched #NowBelieveIt, a social media campaign that talked about compliments and the power of positive feedback to address some of the issues that women — and notably young women — often struggle with. The campaign garnered more than two million views in a 4-week period and prompted a national dialogue. The conversation will continue in 2016.

Retail Expansion Continues with More Kits, More Products, and More Partners

In 2016, Nutrisystem will have its largest presence at retail ever with a 25% increase in store counts and more products on the shelves. New varieties of the 5-Day Nutrisystem® kit and the wildly successful Fast 5+ kit, along with a half dozen new individual products, will be on shelves in stores nationwide in time for Diet Season.

About Nutrisystem, Inc.

Nutrisystem, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTRI) is a leader in the weight loss industry, having helped millions of people lose weight over the course of more than 40 years. The Company’s weight loss solutions include Nutrisystem® MyWay®, a structured food delivery program including a digital platform NuMi® by Nutrisystem, multi-day kits and individual products available at select retail outlets. The Company recently launched its all-new Turbo10, a clinically tested program that delivers up to a 10-pound weight loss and an overall reduction of five inches from the waist, hips, thighs, chest, and arms in just the first month. The Company’s current product line offers customers the most meal choices, including more than 100 foods containing no artificial preservatives or artificial flavors. Nutrisystem® plans are consistent with national guidelines for dietary intake meeting targets for fat, sodium, sugar, cholesterol, fiber and physical activity and include comprehensive counseling options from trained weight loss coaches, registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators. Plans can be customized to specific dietary needs and preferences including the Nutrisystem® D® program for people with Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. For more information, go to