Recipient Embodies the Mission and Values of Girl Talk, a Non-Profit Teen Mentoring Program

Nutrisystem Awards 2017 Girl Talk National Leader of the Year scholarship to Jathusha Mahenthirarajan of Richmond Hill, Ontario. (Photo: Business Wire)

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nutrisystem, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTRI), a leading provider of weight loss management products and services, announced today that it has awarded a scholarship to Girl Talk’s ( 2017 National Leader of the Year, the organization’s highest and most prestigious award. Girl Talk is an international, non-profit, peer-to-peer mentoring program focused on helping teens build confidence and develop leadership skills.

The recipient of the 2017 National Leader of the Year award is Jathusha Mahenthirarajan, leader of the Girl Talk Chapter in Richmond Hill, Ontario, who was selected for best exemplifying the mission and values of Girl Talk and its founder, Haley Kilpatrick.

“Girl Talk can only reach its maximum impact if it becomes a birthplace of belonging,” said Jathusha, recipient of the 2017 National Leader of the Year award. “I understood that it was part of my responsibility to set the stage for meaningful, honest relationships by embracing vulnerability and honesty myself and sharing authentic stories of my life.”

“Girl Talk has made me see leadership as having a vision, sharing that vision, and inspiring others to work toward your vision while helping them create their own visions. I am actively working to ensure that the legacy of Girl Talk continues after my graduation,” adds Jathusha.

The scholarship Jathusha received will be used toward her college career. She will be attending York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this September.

“It is our honor to present Jathusha with a scholarship toward her college career,” said Dawn Zier, CEO of Nutrisystem, Inc. “Jathusha is a proven leader in her community, empowering young women and helping them deal with the issues they face, while also building more self-confidence of her own. Through our continued partnership with Girl Talk, we hope to inspire young women to be the best and most confident versions of themselves.”

“Jathusha is an amazing Girl Talk Leader and has certainly gone beyond the call of duty,” said Haley Kilpatrick, Founder of Girl Talk. “Middle school is hard. Girls struggle with who they are and what they stand for, and thanks to young women like Jathusha, middle school girls are able to overcome these obstacles and become more confident. I am so proud of Jathusha and could not think of anyone more deserving of this award.”

Jathusha’s photo and biography will be displayed on the Girl Talk website for the next year.

Nutrisystem has been a proud partner of Girl Talk since 2015, having initially announced the partnership in conjunction with the Company’s #NowBelieveIt campaign in August 2015. #NowBelieveIt is a social empowerment campaign that highlights the positive power that compliments play in the lives of women and young girls. You can watch the #NowBelieveIt video at Nutrisystem’s The Leaf.

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About Girl Talk

Having served more than 60,500 middle and high school girls since 2002, in 48 states and seven countries, Girl Talk is a nonprofit organization that provides leadership opportunities for high school girls to mentor middle school girls by starting and leading Girl Talk Chapters in their communities. We exist to help girls build confidence and develop leadership skills through weekly, peer-to-peer mentoring. Our goal is to provide the necessary resources, at no cost, for all girls during their most formative years. Our hope is for Girl Talk to instill the values to help girls grow up to become kind, confident leaders who treat each other with respect. For more information, please visit