The Parents of Three Say Focusing on Their Health and Wellness Goals Together Has Fueled Their Success

PHILADELPHIA, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nutrisystem®, the preeminent direct-to-consumer nutrition and weight management brand, will feature reality television sweethearts, Sean and Catherine Lowe, in its new commercial for the Nutrisystem® Partner Plan™. In the commercial, The Lowes, who famously found love on ABC’s The Bachelor and wed on live television, discuss how focusing on their health and wellness goals together has fueled their success. The two also reveal their weight loss results. To date, Sean has lost 12 pounds and Catherine has lost 25 pounds on Nutrisystem. 

Reality Television Sweethearts, Sean and Catherine Lowe, Reveal Weight Loss Results in New Nutrisystem Partner Plan Commercial

“Studies continue to show that dieting with a partner leads to greater success and helps people maintain their weight loss. It’s evident that having an accountability partner at home gives many people the motivation they need to reach their goals,” said Cathy Boyle, Senior Vice President of Creative and Content Strategy at Nutrisystem. “As ambassadors and longtime fans of Nutrisystem, Sean and Catherine have been an inspiration and it’s been great to witness how they continue to help each other on their health and wellness journeys.” 

“Nutrisystem works for us. We love the convenience of the program and how delicious the meals are,” says Catherine, who has turned to Nutrisystem after the births of her last two children. “We pride ourselves on being role models for our kids. What we do, they will do, so it’s important that they see us living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to Nutrisystem, we’re able to do that.”

The Nutrisystem Partner Plan is a program designed to enable two people living in the same home to experience the benefits of losing weight together. According to a 2020 JAMA study, individuals are more likely to lose five percent or more weight if their partner joins them. Evidence also suggests that people tend to exhibit the health behaviors of those around them and that partners greatly influence that behavior, especially in relation to diet and exercise.

The Nutrisystem Partner Plan commercial was shot and produced in Sean and Catherine’s home and features a cameo from their three children, showing that working toward your health and wellness goals can be a family affair. 

“Throughout this journey, we were able to hold each other accountable to our goals and were encouraged by each other’s results,” adds Sean. “Every step of the way, we made sure to support each other and lift each other up, which helped us succeed even more.” 

Nutrisystem helps individuals on their health and wellness journey with a clinically proven system built on nutritional and behavioral science, innovations in mobile app technology and personal coaching with trained weight loss counselors from Nutrisystem’s award-winning contact center. On the Nutrisystem Partner Plan, customers receive one shipment every two weeks that includes meals and snacks for two people at one great price. 

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