@SiriusJay Shows Off Success in New Nutrisystem® for Men Television Commercials

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With a voice for radio, well-known producer, Jason Kaplan, also known to many as @siriusjay, has spent more than 20 years behind the camera. But now, after losing 92 pounds* with Nutrisystem®, a division of Wellful, Inc. and a leading provider of health and wellness and weight loss solutions, Kaplan is showing off his new self in front of the camera in all-new television spots for Nutrisystem® for Men.  

Executive Producer of Nationally-Syndicated Radio Show, Jason Kaplan, Loses a Remarkable 92 Pounds on Nutrisystem
Executive Producer of Nationally-Syndicated Radio Show, Jason Kaplan, Loses a Remarkable 92 Pounds on Nutrisystem
Kaplan Appears in All-New Television Spots for Nutrisystem® for Men
Kaplan Appears in All-New Television Spots for Nutrisystem® for Men

“We congratulate Jason on his weight loss success with Nutrisystem,” says Stephen Mikulak, President of Nutrisystem. “Choosing a weight loss plan that works for you can sometimes be a daunting task. At Nutrisystem, we try to make it easier and are thankful for the millions of real customers, like Jason, that decide to go on their weight loss journey with us.” 

For Kaplan, being overweight has been something he’s dealt with for much of his adult life.

“To be honest, I put on a lot of weight over 20 years,” says Kaplan, who has lost more weight since his commercials first aired. “I was very career-focused and my health and my weight were not a major concern. My appearance and weight wasn’t top of mind because I work in radio and it never seemed to affect my job.” 

Like so many others, the pandemic also had a negative impact on Kaplan’s health and he says he gained more weight. “I put on a lot of weight that first year of COVID. Gaining weight is kind of silent. You don’t necessarily feel it happening. But I started recognizing that I was feeling unhealthy and knew I needed to make a change. That’s when I turned to Nutrisystem® for Men.”

Kaplan states the program worked for him because it was easy-to-follow and he felt less hungry. “I didn’t want to deal with points. I was also looking for a plan I could do with my wife so we could be in this together. So I did my research and felt that Nutrisystem could work because everything was spelled out for you. I remember saying, ‘I am going to commit and do everything Nutrisystem says, and if it’s not working, I will try something else.’ To my surprise, it did work.”

He adds, “Thanks to the program, I have a clearer understanding about how to eat and what portion sizes should look like. I was also never starving on Nutrisystem. The program is packed with protein that helped keep me full throughout the day. I was amazed that I wasn’t heading for the snack cabinet anymore.”

Reflecting back, Kaplan tells PEOPLE in a recent interview that he didn’t really know what feeling good felt like until he lost weight. “I never thought I felt bad being fat. I never really felt like it was taking a physical toll on me. But after I lost the weight, especially that first 50 to 60 pounds, I realized that I just didn’t have any concept of what feeling good felt like.”

Now, Kaplan claims he has a new lease on life and is able to do things he never could before.

“On my honeymoon, I wasn’t allowed to ride a horse because I was over the weight limit. Now, I can go kayaking with no worries. I can hike, ride bikes and do all these things I was missing out on. I’m also receiving more compliments than ever, and I have to say, that’s the best part,” concludes Kaplan.

Nutrisystem for Men is a comprehensive system aimed to help men reach their weight loss goals and delivered right to the customer’s door. A key component of the program is Nutrisystem’s Hearty Inspirations Meals, which pack up to 30g of protein and are full of flavor helping to control hunger and keep you full for up to five hours.** Previously only available as a dinner option, these meals are now available only to men for lunch to help keep them fuller and more satisfied throughout the day. Also, all-new to the program this year is the Nutrisystem for Men FUEL™ protein shake, which provides 20g of high-quality protein, with a clinically validated ingredient, Velositol® to double (2x) the power of protein after a single serving.***

*Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.
**In study, average was 3.4 hours for fullness.
*** Along with diet and exercise, clinical research shows Velositol® + whey protein doubles the impact of protein on muscle protein synthesis versus whey protein alone.

About Nutrisystem®
Nutrisystem® is a division of Wellful, Inc., a premier omni-channel health and wellness platform. For more than 50 years, Nutrisystem has helped millions of people lose weight with clinically proven weight loss science built by dietitians using the latest nutritional and behavioral research. For more information, go to nutrisystem.com.  

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