Forget New Year’s Day. The biggest diet start date — for men — is the day after the Super Bowl, according to some nutrition companies.

Nutrisystem said they receive a gluttony of calls on the day after the big game — which they dub “Super Monday” — from men who are looking to start a diet.

The company said male football fans will either call or visit its website every 1.5 seconds following the Super Bowl, making it the “top diet decision day of the year for men.”

In 2017, Marino told FOX Business that he always resets around this time of year because “it’s easier to stick with it.”

“It seems that once [the] Super Bowl is over, many men are ready to get their diet started because for the last five months they’ve been chowing down on wings, beer and pizza every Sunday as they watch the games,” Marino said. “And with only 16 weeks until summer and the distraction of Sunday football in the past, it’s easier to start a diet.”

Dawn Zier, CEO of Nutrisystem, said the company typically see men’s diet food orders spike on Super Monday.

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