Dan Marino Chats with Fox & Friends

Hall of Fame quarterback, Dan Marino, sits down with the hosts of Fox & Friends to talk about Deflate-gate, his Super Bowl picks and how Nutrisystem helped him get back to his playing weight.

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CEO Dawn Zier Talks Benefits of Nutrisystem

What is Nutrisystem? CEO Dawn Zier talks about how Nutrisystem helps people transform their lives by losing weight and keeping it off.

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Soleil Moon Frye Talks Weight Loss with ET

Soleil Moon Frye discusses her 23 pound weight loss thanks to Nutrisystem with Jenny Hutt from Entertainment Tonight.

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How Melissa Joan Hart’s Husband Helps Her Maintain a 40-Lb. Weight Loss

Forget dinner and a movie. Working out is the perfect date, according to Melissa Joan Hart and husband Mark Wilkerson.

After losing a total of 40 lbs. over two years with Nutrisystem, Hart decided she’d like to try transforming the muscles in her body – with the help of her husband.

“Since he’s such an avid workout […]

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Nutrisystem Continues to Tip the Scales in the Weight Loss Industry

The new year means new goals and resolutions for a healthier lifestyle. Dawn Zier, CEO of Nutrisystem, tells TheStreet’s Jill Malandrino the company remains the leader in the E-tailer space and is aggressively launching into retail. Nutrisystem is now in Wal-Mart and Sam’s Clubs and will be available on Amazon.com and there is testing with […]

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Nutrisystem CEO on the Key to Profits and Weight Loss

Nutrisystem CEO Dawn Zier discusses how the she helped the company turn business around with Fox Business.

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Nutrisystem CEO Trims the Fat in Company Turnaround

Jan. 5 (Bloomberg) — Dawn Zier, president and chief executive officer at Nutrisystem, discusses steps taken to drive the company’s turnaround and the spike in customer interest after New Year’s as people resolve to lose weight. She speaks on “In The Loop.”

More at Bloomberg.com.

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Five Quick Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

(StatePoint) New Year’s Resolutions are easier to make than to keep, especially when it comes to dieting. While life can often seem at odds with your health and fitness goals, there are plenty of ways to avoid common pitfalls this New Year and stay on the weight loss track.

1. Snack and drink smart: When you’re […]

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People.com: Melissa Joan Hart Jokes: Why My Boys Are Leaving Me ‘Broke’

With three growing boys — and a lot of loose teeth — Melissa Joan Hart jokes her wallet is taking a big hit.

“[My sons are] losing a lot of teeth right now. The Tooth Fairy has come a whole bunch,” the actress, 38, told PEOPLE at the Los Angeles premiere of her movie, The Santa […]

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Closer Weekly: Weight Loss Wednesday: Nutrisystem Helped Noel Lose 195 Pounds So His Family Could Stop Worrying About His Health!

Meet Noel Mason, a 43-year-old Harrisonburg, Va., native who lost 195 pounds on Nutrisystem!

Originally weighing in at 410 pounds, Noel says his life was “a nightmare” and credits his family’s constant worry that he would pass away in his sleep for inspiring him to lose the excess weight!

“All aspects of my life are much better… […]

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